Programming ESP8266 ESP01


I’m new to arduino programming and especially with wireless communication.

In my project I would need to have several arduino communicating wireless with a “master” hosting a webserver.

So far I use arduino nano with ESP01 and I also have bought also this adapter

I manage to send AT command through the arduino nano to the ESP01 or also directly with the adapter in UART mode.

So now I’m trying to try the webserver part following this tutorial but I don’t manage to download the code from Arduino IDE.

I think I installed correctly ESP8266 board in Arduino IDE but I’m getting an error message during upload with the adapter (I tried UART and PROG switch) ?

I’m confused after looking around : do I need first an other firmware for the ESP01 ?

Thanks in advance for your help, I’ve been stuck all day on that.

I found the problem...
I needed to bridge the reset pin with the ground to start the upload of the program.
Once I did that, program uploaded instantly.

Shame they don't add a small button on those adaptors, I will solder one like on this scheme.