programming external 93C66 EEPROM with Arduino UNO

Hi everyone, I am very new to all this and still figuring it all out.

so far I have programmed my Arduino with a sketch for reading/writing of M93Cx6 eeproms and also have Python scripts set up for automation of reading/writing, but the script for writing halts at

"INFO:state - Ready.

here is the web page I've been following.

I have been able to dump the ROM to a .Bin from the EEPROM but cannot write to it with a new modified file.

import sys import argparse

from sky_setup import logging,serial_port

parser = argparse.ArgumentParser() parser.add_argument ("-i", "--input", dest='input_dump', default='temp_eeprom.bin', type=str); args = parser.parse_args()

if args.input_dump: bytedata=[] input_dump = args.input_dump with open(input_dump, "rb") as f: byte = while byte != "":

Do stuff with byte.

if byte: bytedata.append(byte)

byte =

serial_port.write('w')'State - {}'.format(serial_port.readline()))

for i in bytedata: serial_port.write(i) logging.debug('Byte: {}'.format(serial_port.readline()))'State - {}'.format(serial_port.readline())) serial_port.close()

this is the python script i am using to write the eeprom with