Programming feasibility

Hi guys.

So I have a project in mind which consists of controlling some WS2812B's via bluetooth, but I have not been able to find anything specifically related to my intentions.

So I would like to create some code much like the button cycling ones out there, but to be controlled by bluetooth. Is this even possible? I have a very very limited understanding of how the code works in general but something on this scale is a bit outside my scope.

For example, using FastLED's examples, let's say I wanted "pride2015", "Cylon", and a couple of other examples all in one code that when uploaded to the Arduino can be individually selected via bluetooth.

(I have been playing with app inventor so I have some understanding of that side of things)

Any advice?


Start exercising with BT and learn how to do it and what it can do for You.
Then do the same with the LED strip.

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