programming for a national debt counter

Hello everyone, please excuse my lack of technical knowledge as I am new to all of this. Long story short, I would like to create and LED display that shows something SIMILAR to the national debt. It would be a series of LED strips (about 12" tall) and would display a number. It would start at zero and then each second it would grow by a set value. Say for example $1,300 per second. I need to have commas holding place values and a dollar symbol displayed as well. I don't know if its appropriate for the Forum or not but I am willing to pay to have this done so please contact me ASAP as this is a rush. If not, any input on what hardware, software or programming codes I would need to accomplish this would be very helpful. Thank you all and I can't wait to get into this project!



I am in Kansas City and need this to arrive in 2 weeks. If you could provide the programming or software I need to run this, I am sure that I can buy the LED strips and install them ready to be plugged in. Let me know your thoughts on how to best accomplish this. Thanks for the reply!

Just to scope it, I suggest you need to work out how many digits you need to support and how many discrete output elements (segments, commas etc) that corresponds to. Also work out the electrical characteristics of the LEDs that will make up each output element to determine the voltage/current requirements. That will enable you to decide what sort of power supply is needed and what sort of driver. I seem to remember that Crossroads designed an Arduino clone that had integral shift registers designed to drive a large number of outputs and perhaps that would be suitable here, with some sort of amplifier between each output and the LED segments.

Need to define how many digits & commas you want displayed.
Dollar sign, commas could be fixed LEDs, arranged in shape you wanted.
This board will drive 12 digits, up to 50V/150mA per segment. Each segment could be LED strips, say 6 or 9 or 12 LEDs per segment (I think 3 LEDs is usually about 2" in length, so 9 LEDs is ~ 6", ~12" for total height).
I've daisy chained two of them (the second card just having shift registers) to drive equivalent of 20 digits from a 12V source.