Programming for Fingerprint and Keypad

im new to these thing.
i have install the hardware and the coding was fine but when i look at serial monitor i only get fingerprint result and nothing from keypad.
did i need to add code for keypad?

i attach the code below…

fingerprint and keypad code.txt (5.51 KB)

Where have you ever seen something like this?Serial.begin(16, 2);==> FIX IT

Try basic code for your keypad without the rest to see if you connected it properly

This part

char key = keypad.getKey();
   if (key != NO_KEY){
      switch (key){
      case 'A': break; 
      case 'B': break; 
      case 'C': break; 
      case 'D': changePassword(); break; 
      case '#': checkPassword(); break;
      case '*': resetPassword(); break;
      default: processNumberKey(key);

would be better located in the loop as it has nothing to do with the fingerprint

my mistake. thank you

its working now. :slight_smile: