Programming for jet engine

Hi all I’m new to this. That new that I’m struggling to even dim an LED. Wanting help or willing to pay for somome to do the programming for a jet engine. I have purchased Arduino mega, thermos couple, relays, 43A H-bridge. Engine has rpm sensor and ignighters on it. Just need to read and tell when to come on. I’m in the UK northwest. Blackpool. Any help please. Thanks.

Hi all. Iv tried to get this arduino thing in my head but unfortunately with the time and my brain unable to cope I’m willing to pay for the much needed help. I need to control 3 motors 2 of them being on and off when needed. 1 being pwm controlled with pot. A thermo couple to read temp. A switch to tell if something is on or off and rpm2 wire Inductive type. Any help. Thanks.

I need to control 3 motors

Turbine engines? 3 phase AC motors? 5V DC motors?

A thermo couple to read temp.

Which one?

A switch to tell if something is on or off

The switch will tell you whether it is on or off. It won't tell you if something else is on or off.

Do you need help coding, or also with the hardware part?

No replies yet?

More details needed. You only need the programming done, right? You take care of all the hardware?

It being connected to a jet engine is what makes me worried, as (especially in this kind of collaborations) errors are likely to happen, and this sounds like a project where errors can quickly become catastrophic or result in injury or death. Also mistakes that cause damage to the jet engine can be really costly.

So, do you know enough about the electronics to attach this thermocouple to an analog input? Or is it some kind of module?

The engine has an 'rpm sensor'. How does that work? I mean - in the sense of there are wires coming out of it, right, so what is coming along those wires? A voltage? A regular pulse? Is this rpm sensor some kind of I2C module?

And what would you like the sketch to actually do? In terms of "when this happens, the sketch should do this"?