Programming Gesture Detection


I am trying to code a project that will allow me to use PIR sensors or some kind of thermal sensor to detect hand gestures. I researched this and found that someone has done something very similar. I couldn’t insert the code directly without exceeding the character maximum so here is the code that is used in the project:

My question is how would I manipulate those many lines of binary to get it to detect gestures of my choice. I believe it just breaks down and reads each pixel of data using the TPA81 sensor output. I don’t know how this is possible as it seems some sort of neural network would be necessary for gesture detection. I’d also like to know if this project would be possible just using generic PIR sensors instead of the expensive TPA81 thermal sensor.


Gesture Detection by PIR Project Page

You might want to look at the Panasonic Grid Eye sensor. That's like 8 of those TPA81's linked together.

PIR sensors will need a lot of work to get to the level of the TPA81. They are designed for a wide field of view so 8 of them side-by-side will all give an identical output. You would need lenses and baffles in front of them so that each sensor sees a slightly different part of the world. Then you'd need to build a rack and suddenly it's a large construction that costs many times the single-chip version.

Thanks, I'll definitely take a look at the Grid Eye sensor. Do you know how I could edit the code to use my own gestures for it?