Programming guitar chords and having leds light up

I want to be able to program guitar chords into a controler. Then I will have led lights on the frets of the guitar and they would light up according to the chords or notes programmed.

I've seen this done before but I would like to build one myself. What should I buy to build this type of functionality? Totally new to this so treat me like a newb please :slight_smile: I do however know how to solder so that is a plus. lol


You need the LEDs, some way to drive that many from one Arduino like a 595 shift register, and a bunch of code.

MAX7219 to control the LEDs.
Can do 10 frets (6/fret) with 1 chip, 10 more with a second chip if going up that far.

Code-wise, just writing data into an array of 8 bytes that you send to the MAX7219 when you need an updated display.

Awesome thanks for the help. Can you possibly direct me with links the best place to buy what I need to get started?

@CrossRoads Should I just get the Arduino starter kit here, would that controler proper for what I want to do?
It appears I can get the other parts from my local electronic shop.