Programming Help: Move Straight, When Limit Switch, Back Up and Turn Around

Hi folks.

I am trying to program a robot to move straight, and then when it bumps into something like a wall, I want it to back up and turn around. Then continue moving straight.

I am familiar with RobotC but this is my first time trying to program with Arduino software and I’m pretty much lost.

Any help is much appreciated. I attached the program below… but I’ll also copy/paste it here:

#include <ArduinoRobot.h>
int limitPin = 8;
int LmotorPin = 1;
int RmotorPin = 4;

void setup()
Robot.begin(); //initalizer

void loop()
{ if (digitalRead(limitPin) == 0)
Robot.motorsWrite(200, 200);
Robot.motorsWrite(-200, -200);
Robot.motorsWrite(200, -200);


Angelina.ino (348 Bytes)

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Sorry Mike. I’ll move on. Thanks.

Your choice but I thought you wanted help, seems I was wrong.