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Does anyone have any example programs that I could use to get the hang of Arduino?

There are examples that are installed with the Arduino IDE. If you go trough these and grasp each topic you will get a great footing with this platform. .

What is your background? .

The Arduino IDE software comes with a whole bunch of examples. File -> Examples -> 01.Basics, 02.Digital, etc...

If you only have the board, and no other hardware components to play with, you should look at what's in the starter kit and get at least some of it: breadboard, push buttons, LEDs, resistors, wires.. so you can build some simple circuits and hook up your Arduino to it.

Did you try here?

It's the first hit if you google "Arduino Examples"

LarryD: What is your background? .

I have none.

A basic tutorial in C++ would probably be a good thing too. Google can find lots of them.

Thank you for the tips!

I found this very helpful, it explains a number of concepts and breaks the code down into manageable bites (or should that be bytes?)