Programming HEX file

Just like burning bootloader with Arduino as AVRISP Can we not Burn the HEX file using Arduino IDE and arduino as AVRISP ! ;)

Yes, you can burn Arduino bootloader and other *.Hex file, with the bit bang method:

If you have the HEX file, you can burn it with AVRISP using the Arduino, but it's not supported through the Arduino IDE.

Google Arduino AVRISP and see if you can find the correct settings for AVR Dude. I've used this method to burn HEX files to both ATmegas and Attinys.

I should note that this method is different than bitbang. It doesn't require the headers you must solder on for bitbang, and is essentially the same as burning a bootloader with Arduino, but instead you can specify the .HEX file.

HUM! Thanks both of you 8-)