Programming I2C duplicate devices with different addresses

I'm having trouble finding a tutorial on how to program 2 adafruit INA260's with different addresses using I2C. Is it possible to have two separate lines of code that use the same library to get information from each device.

Basically if I have two devices x01 and x02 but they use the same library. How do I request information from the first and then the second.

So the ina has a library that you would instantiate, right? Well if you instantiate one device with one name and another device with another name, each name referencing a different device, using the same library. Got it?

As long at the devices address can be changed and the library accepts a address other than the default.

And it looks like you are in luck with the library

Adafruit_INA219(uint8_t addr = INA219_ADDRESS);

The library accepts an alternate address.

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