Programming IC Chip with Uno?

I have not been on this forum in a long time, I wanted to get back into using my Arduino Uno. I have a few questions that I am wondering. Here is what I am trying to make.

Smallest IC Chip programmable by Uno Micro Momentary Push Button switch Trimmer Variable Resistor

  1. Use the Momentary Push Switch to send power to the IC Chip
  2. IC Chip sends on / off siginal to output
  3. Use Trim Variable Resistor to adjust how frequent the signal is sent to the output.

Kind of like making a homemade Strobe light, where I can adjust how fast it turns on/off the leds.

Hope this helps, all I need help in is finding the right IC Chip that I can program. I can learn the code on my own. So I don't need that.

Thank You, nick

Sounds like a 555 job lol

Smallest IC Chip

How small? THD or SMD? What other components are needed? How small do you want the board to be (don't say as small as possible)? What voltage? How are you going to encase things? What's wrong with a 555 as mentioned?

Why not just use an ATtiny85 8-PIN ic. SMD

unless an 8-pin DIP is small enough.

You'll need an FTDI (USB-serial converter) to program it.

Why just use the Adafruit wearables ? Wearable electronics