Programming idea on a attiny

Hello, I was wondering a few things. A Friend of mine gave me a bunch of attiny1614 chips that have i2c and spi on them. I was surprised to see that. But that was a few months back. I haven't find anything with them because of the limited of programming space.

I was curious if i added a eeprom or flash ram chip would it be possible to run some or all of my code from that? This is just throwing out ideas for programming. Any advice would be great thank you


I think NONE of the AVRs can run code from an external flash

yeah that is what I'm aware of my self. I wish it had more programming memory in it. Thank you

Edit: Something i didn't notice until now. It had 256k eeprom programming memory but only 16k or normal programming memory.


The data sheet shows 16KB flash (program) memory, 2KB SRAM, and 256 Bytes of EEPROM. As far as I know EEPROM cannot be used for program code. That is half the flash memory of the atmega328 used in the UNO/Nano, so still quite useful.

I'm trying to program the chip. And it looks like i ran out of programming memory. I have a oled on it 3 temperature sensors, A Sd card module for logging and code for menu for the screen. Plus 4 push buttons.

Only thing i can do is take some stuff maybe out to free up some place. Like the menu. Because i added the memory to be able to view the logging from the Oled. I can take the Sd card out and just read it on a pc. Maybe also take out the push buttons and code for the menu to free up and space and also take out the menu maybe just have it displaying just the temperatures. total comes out to 24k with everything in it.

Edit: On the uno it was close enough. But with this chip it is over it's limits.



You so young! :wink:


Maybe compare to some people. Coding wasn't my strong point. I come from mostly a hardware background.


Since you already have the SD card, you could try storing the text for the menus in a file. Every font you use on the display will also need a significant amount of flash memory.

Would you mind posting the code? Someone may see some other ways to save memory.

Hello, I don't have full code. I been testing one function at a time. I haven't gotten to compiling code together yet. That is my next step. But it is from what I'm seeing how much each thing takes. Got me worried about Not having enough programming space.

That is a insteresting idea for having it on the SD card. How would that work? I'm still a littke clueless on things. But I'm getting there. The SD card part looks insteresting. I will have to look into that. I have some new idea's that i want to look into if all fails. I will keep searching.


I don't think there is much hope for getting this to work, I tried compiling a few examples from the SD library and that alone is taking a bit over 70% of the flash memory. The U8g2 library for the display takes a little over 50% of flash memory for the Hello World example, changing to an LCD display with I2C interface still uses 30%.

The only way you might get this working is to use multiple attiny1614 chips, one to do the actual logging to the SD card and another to handle the display and buttons, but that adds the complexity of having to communicate between the two boards.

Yeah, sounds like a bit too much for the ATtiny league. I like your idea of ganging up multiple processors; I think two would actually work quite OK. One dedicated uC for the OLED and the other handling all other tasks and peripherals. That would isolate the nasty memor-hogging OLED code into one processor and free up considerable space on the other one. Since the 1614 has hardware I2C support, linking them together would be pretty easy. It's not all that complicated to write a library (actually, two: a slave and a master) to handle the communication between two uC's, on of which being a 'display slave'.

Hello everyone. Thank you all for the reply. Sense I only have these processors to work with I have been thinking of ways to keep everything on a bare minimum. And one thing is the oled to take up a lot of programming space. Seems to me taking out will free up the space.

On the other hand david_2018 has a point of maybe connecting two of these processors together. Which will do the trick and free up a lot of problems with space.

So the question is tie two of these together to talk to each other, Or maybe just take out the Oled screen it's self and just have it logg the temperatures is the question.

About 20 minutes ago I have found this video that might help.


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