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How to learn Machine learning using python? and what are it’s benefits?

I'm sure that the answer is in your schoolbook.

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prih_yah: How to learn Machine learning using python? and what are it's benefits?

This Forum is about programming Arduinos which use C++ and cannot use Python.

You need to ask your question on a Forum that deals with Python.


Python is a good tool to process your data, and it's friendly for beginners. You can purchase some relevant books or take some courses to learn it.

PyTorch and tensorflow are the AI libraries for python, learn python first, “learn python the hard way” is a nice intro, then once you’ve got the idea of how to use the basic syntax of python go to a python forum or a tensorflow/pytorch forum and ask them about good resources for starting with AI. The benefits, I personally would suggest aren’t all that huge, there’s a lot of hype around AI but for most situations a manually coded system of rules does betetr than trusting a machine to learn things for itself. Image and other pattern recognition problems are perhaps the main places where AI has a possible advantage over normal programs.