Programming LCD displays is about to get a whole lot easier

Firstly, sorry for my first post being a shameless plug to a kickstarter.

Secondly, here is my kickstarter :slight_smile:

It's a code generator which uses drag and drop style button placement to quickly layout GUIs for LCD screens.

It's hardware agnostistic, and designed to be able to support the many flavors of LCD hardware already out, and yet to come out. This means hardware is cheap, screens can be had for less than 30USD.

It came about after I did a project requiring a touchscreen display. There just wasn't an efficient way to do it available at the time. So I got thinking, and coding, and I believe I've got a program that can greatly help the people within the maker community that have an interest in LCD screens.

I could really use some help getting the word out there (my limited time has been focused on creating the software rather than setting up a promotion network for it) so if you think it is a good thing, pass the word on, or suggest places I could do so.

Nice, but are there any other options than the RA8875 controller?


It is designed to make it easy to add in many other options. Currently the RA8875 is what I have used to develop it, if the kickstarter goes well I will be adding a lot more controller/lcd options based on what my backers wish to use.

The RA8875 is likely the only option to use for the very early backers though.

Ok, but there are some libs available which try to cover a lot of existing TFTs and OLEDs. The RA8875 is not used much with Arduinos... ok, i just wanted to mention this. Anyhow, excellent project.


Yeh thanks for the feedback, do you have an example of one I could look into adding support for?

Adafruit Graphics Lib, UTFT, Ucglib.


I've used some of those libraries, this is more focused on the level above that. Linking graphics objects together to form buttons with text/border/fill and different display state. Then linking those objects with different windows, or event actions.

So I think because it is designed to be a few levels removed from hardware, this could happily sit atop those libraries and run any screen they can with only minor coding to suit. In fact if useage rights allow it, I could just support such libraries, rather than the screens themselves.