Programming manual...

I am new to the Arduino. I have a Nano, and the shield. I want to know if there is a programming manual I could download in PDF format, so I can read locally while I am learning?

Thank you so very much!!

Mr. Kim Currier

Take a look at these Links :

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I was using the Opera browser for some time. It has a nice feature where it saves the current web page complete as a single .MHT file. It makes reading web pages off line very easy.

You can install an add-on for Firefox that also creates (and reads) .MHT files.

The MHT file format is a much more convenient way to store web pages if you just want to be able to read them offline compared to the usual way of saving them as a .html file and a directory full of other files.


PS - I have given up on Opera because they don't seem to be developing the Linux version.

The Reference pages are all included as part of the install as well. For example, c:/whatever your path is/arduino-1.0.5/reference/whole bunch of .html files!