Programming Micro via ICSP

I have a project where I'll be using a Micro and I'd like to overwrite the bootloader for quick startup of my sketch. I have a Duemilanove that I believe I can use as my programmer. I've been trying to find information on how to do this and I haven't seen this specific combination and would rather not let the magic smoke out of either Arduino.

How do I wire the Duemilanove to the Micro to use the Duemilanove as the programmer? Can I wire from 1 ICSP to the other? I'm guessing not since the Duemilanove is 5VDC and the Micro is 3VDC.

I've looked over the pinout for the Micro and see the MISO, MOSI, SCK, and RESET pins. I found a site that says to wire a 4.7k Ohm resistor between MOSI, MISO, and SCK pins from target to programmer, wire a diode from D10 on the programmer to the reset pin on the target, ground the 2 together, and power up the target seperately. Is this the correct way? Thank you in advance.

Sorry, I'm wrong the Duemilanove and Micro are both 5VDC units, I don't know what I was thinking. So can I just wire from pin to pin on the ICSP header and program the Micro via the Duemilanove?

I went ahead and wired them up from pin to pin - miso, mosi, reset/ss, sck, 5vdc, and ground - and it worked, I was able to overwrite the bootloader.