Programming mulit change LED strip for a show cabinet


I have made a show cabinet with 7 hole to display objects(Top 7 cubby holes). Around the boards of each hole I would like to place LED strips and would like each hole to have a different colour LED circuits. The LED strip would be over 12m long in total.

I am thinking of using WS2811 LED with GECOSD1P-2048 SD controller, but after testing the software that comes with it LEDEdit2013, I feel that it is difficult to have a custom design and the software is not that flexible. My orginal thinking was to place 7 different 5050 LED strip with individual RF controllers but as the Radio frequency is the same for all the controls it causes a issue.
Please can someone help in this.

Thanks for reading this and if anyone has any idea it would be great. I have spent a week making this cabinet and would like lovely looking LED to go with it.



Those controllers are very limited, that's why we use Arduinos (total programmability)

You can use a single Arduino (clone) with seven separate strips (using the FastSPI_LED2 library) and a single RF module to control them all. Program it in such a way that it reads a string ID from the RF signal and changes that specific string. If all the RF is for is to randomly change the colors, then the Arduino can do that for you, you don't need to specifically tell it to. On the other hand if you need to change it to specific colors, then the RF would be helpful.

You could use a bluetooth module and control it from a smartphone phone.