Programming My Arduino

Hey guys!

We're a couple of high school kids trying to program an Arduino. After coding what is necessary, we have observed that there was a tiny problem with the uploading. It was taking up a lot of time compared to the previous Arduino that we've programmed. Until now, it never finished uploading. We've exhausted every possibleproblem such as maybe choosing the wrong board or serial port. We are almost certain that the coding was fine.

Any suggestions? Any reply would be seriously appreciated :)

P.S. I know I spelled my username wrong. TEEHEE.

Oh, thought maybe the spelling indicated Italian heritage, like Antonio ;)

Little more input needed - What kind of Arduino? What kind of PC? Is the prior sketch outputting data on D0/D1? Is your cable still good? They do fail. Is anything connected while you are programming?

Oh wait. Apparently, we're not sure it's like 100% right, the coding that is. Haha Okay, moving on, the cable is brand new so it's not the probable cause.

Another correction (Sorry, it's been a rough night!) At the moment, we're actually having problems with the GUIZDUNO ATmega1218.

I'm sorry but what's the DO1? Apologies Haha

Thanks for the reply :)

D0/D1 are the serial interface programming pins that the USB port connects to (via the USB serial interface chip).

What's an Atmega1218? Don't think I've heard of that one.