Programming of Arduino Uno in slave mode

Hello. In my application I have selected Arduino Due to transfer data (24-bit) to slave device named LMX2595. So, for experimental purpose I want to configure Arduino Due in Master mode and Arduino Uno in Slave mode. I have written the code for master which is below and now at the slave side I just want to see the data in serial monitor.

Can anyone help me with the code at the slave side just to display data in serial monitor.

Master code :


SPISettings mySettting(125000, MSBFIRST, SPI_MODE0); const uint8_t ss = 10;

void setup() { pinMode(ss, OUTPUT);


digitalWrite(ss, LOW); SPI.beginTransaction(mySettting); SPI.transfer(0x00); SPI.transfer(0x25); SPI.transfer(0x1C); SPI.endTransaction(); digitalWrite(ss, HIGH); }

void loop() { }

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Read this tutorial, especially the chapter 'Sending and receiving data'