Programming Question

Please can you assist me on how to program?

I have one Arduino board connected to the bread board that has two LEDs red and green.
These work fine as my requirements.

I also have two bread board which have 433 RF (one bread board has receiver and the other bread board transmitter) one of these bread boards are connect to a separate Arduino

The RF transmits and receives fine no problem there (there is a buzzer on the board).

This is where I need assistance

If the Red LED illuminates it must trigger the buzzer with a constant beep and when the green LED illuminates it must change the Buzzer to intermittent beep or different sound.

Please can you assist on how I should write this program.
This is school project and I am nearing my time to have it ready.
It took me a long to have the other stuff set up and working fine.
I thank in advance for any assistance provided.

You need to give more information.

Show us a good schematic of your circuit.
Show us a good image of your wiring.
Give links to components.
Posting images:

Always show us your ‘current’ complete sketch.
Use CTRL T to format the sketch.
Please use code tags.
Use the </> icon in the posting menu.

[code] Paste sketch here. [/code]

This looks like the same project as this one except you're now using RF instead of IR?

Notice that @larryd says essentially the same thing here as @Paul_KD7HB did in that previous thread.

If you'd answered the questions in that previous thread you might be a long way ahead of where you are now.