Programming rotary encoder AS5045B

Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum. I'm not using arduino, but maby someone can help me with my issue.
I'm using rotary encoder AS5045B in my laboratory stand. I'm trying to start the "Alignment Mode", but it fails. I have demoboard reccomended for this encoder with capacitors required on schema. I'm using AVR ATmega32 for contact with this sensor. My function for SSI reading works fine. But when I'm trying to enter this alignment mode nothing happens. The initial condition for this mode which I have implemented on my AVR is that:
1.First I'm setting PIDO pin in Low Impedance, as output pin in AVR - it's pulled down internally,
2.Second I'm setting CSn in high state,
3.Next waiting 3 us,
4.Next setting CSn low state,
5.Then waiting 3us
6.In the end setting PIDO as low state.
After that all I'm starting to read informations from SSI interface, but I still get information about angular position (it changes form 0 to 4095 when rotating about 360 degrees). I tried this sequence with 3,5V voltage which I did on resistor voltage divider drom output pin of AVR. I tried this sequence directly on 5V givint to encoder. Is any special method or sequence to start alignment mode on this sensor ? I used this from datasheet, like i described above. Maby this voltage or something other is wrong ? Can You help me how I can start this alignment mode on this sensor ? Maby anyone of You tried to using this mode or programmins zero position on this sensor, please give me feedback.

Thank You very much for Your answer,