Programming sensor data to Google Drive

Hello there,

I discovered that there are many ways to program a sensor data to google Drive. My problem here is that many of the examples given are for Arduino Yun with ethernet connected to DHT11. I am currently using Arduino Uno and i have a wifi shield connected to it. I was given a temperature sensor of TMP37. I did upload codes to read the temperature. Now i just need to program the datas to google drive and ive tried using Temboo but it doesn't work. Anyone have any idea what i should do? I'm a newbie to this and I really need your help. Thanks in advance!

I suspect the main problem you have is that google drive requires https:// link. Arduino Uno does not have enough processing power to handle the encryption required. You need a solution that can use the plain http:// URL only.

Maybe you can use to connect to google drive?

Hi, Hzrhsani.

I'd be happy to help you get things working on Temboo if you'd like to tell me what you were having trouble with and the errors you're getting.

Also, feel free to contact our support team via the form on our support page.


I looked at temboo, but the costs are far-far beyond any hobby use.
$49 per month ?

ubidots and dweet are both free
dweet is probably the easiest to use with wifi.

ubidots offers 500,000 data points per month for free.
That is one data point per second or 6 per minute or 12 every 2 minutes.
above that they have fee based use, but for a hobbiest or student who wants to dabble, the free use of the service is a great cost !

neither has any real help, but temboo seems to offer professional help.
unfortunatly, I signed on to temboo and got busy and work, never even used temboo once, but my free trial expired. sigh.....