Programming Simple Synthesizer

Hello! I'm entirely new to Arduino, but I've got the wiring basics down, so I decided to try a simple project. I've wired up five pushbuttons and a piezo on a breadboard, and want to have each button play a note from C through G when pressed. The five buttons are in pins 3-7 and the piezo is in 2. If anyone could help me with a simple program, I'd be more than grateful. (I have the Arduino Uno if that helps.)

Thanks a ton! Dawmasta

Look up the "Tone" library in the playground here. Then look up how to detect button presses. Combine that and you are done!

When you are done with that, get

Five potentiometers and built this - Sketch here -

Or two Potentometers, four leds and build this -

Or just keep four of your buttons, add some LEDs and build this -

But if you really want an Arduino synthesizer you should take a look at this -

I am thinking how to make an easy to build version of the last one that does not require a donor keyboard - but I don't have the answer yet.

Duane B