Programming the Mini with the Mini USB Adapter


I am trying to program the Arduino Mini using the Mini USB Adapter, but the "programmer is not responding".

I have soldered male pin headers onto the Arduino Mini and also onto the Mini USB Adapter.

The circuit that I am trying to use is the following, from the Guide to the Arduino Mini.

I've also tried variations with pushbuttons for reset. I'm building it on a solderless breadboard.

I have the Arduino Mini 04 and the revised Mini USB Adapter. I'm using Arch Linux to program the Arduino. The version of the Arduino IDE I am using is 0018.

When I plug in the Mini USB Adapter, it is recognized as an FTDI USB Serial Device converter, which is great. Permissions are also set correctly, and the device shows up in the Arduino IDE. After selecting the Mini as my Board and /dev/ttyUSBx as the Serial Port, when I try to upload a sketch I get the error: "programmer is not responding". The IDE sends things, but nothing is ever received.

When I plug the USB cord into the Mini USB Adapter, the RX, TX LEDs blink 4 times and then go out. When I upload a sketch, the TX LED blinks a few times. Nothing ever seems to be received.

I have tried resetting the Arduino Mini before and after pressing "Upload".

How can I make sure that both of these pieces of hardware are actually still alive?

With the USB cord plugged in, I can light up a LED using the +5v and GND pins on the Arduino Mini. Power doesn't seem to be the problem. I've tried different sets of cables. Is there any way I could check the Arduino Mini still works? Or if something is wrong with the Mini USB Adapter?

I would be very happy to get this to work.

Thanks in advance for your replies.