Programming to automatically trigger relay and overwrite with rf remote

ok, so i had something similar years ago and not sure where it ended up(probably in a box somewhere, but id like to take it one step further.

so i have a few of the adafruit RF remotes and the RF receivers laying around.. So what i would like to do is the following:

I have an old wifi router we are using in the house and every few weeks we tend to get really sluggish connections and rebooting it resolved the issue..

And yes i know buying a new one would probably solve this, but since i have all this other stuff laying around, figured i would play around again with my arduino stuff...

I have a few solid state relays, couple RF remotes and Receivers, and plenty of Arduinos laying around.

so my last version of this was pretty simple and straight forward, 1 outlet, wired with a 3 prong plug so i can plug into the wall outlet, then inside the outlet box is a relay, the receiver and arduino.

It was simply setup so when i clicked the remote button the whole thing would reboot, which in this case was the router and internet modem.

This time i want to do it a little different, i want to schedule the pair to be rebooted in the middle of the night either everynight or on a provided weekday..
This will be the constant setup..

NOW i would like to incorporate the receiver and remote so that if we need to reboot outside of the scheduled reboot, we merely click the button we want to do..

Since i have the 4 button remotes, i would like to do a few things..

#1 - reboot just the router outlet connection
#2 - reboot it all at the same time..(BUT wait the standard 2 or 3 minutes before turning on the router outlet)
#3 - reboot both connections based on a schedule

Basically according the internet provider, when rebooting the modem, you should wait a few minutes before turning it back on. So IF the modem is reboot, then then wait to turn it back on, then wait an extra minute or so before turning back on the router outlet..

Like i said i have the following hardware:
Few RF remotes(single, 2 button and 4 button versions)
Few RF receivers toggle and momentary and latching
I have arduino uno's and NodeMCU boards that i can use for the scheduled reboot
Solid state relays

I believe i have everything i need to make this work, just need some guidance on the wiring in order to control the above scenarios

What is involved in doing this?????

what do you mean?

its been years, but since its not critical to be super accurate on timing, all i had in place was a delay()
not sure what duration of a delay, but back then i was just beginning and keeping things simple. I know that if i a RTC i could be a little more flexible. BUT now that im typing this out, since i do want to reboot it say every Wed or whatever day it is, i will need a RTC in order to have more control over the scheduled reboot.

I mean how is turning on the router outlet different form any other outlet.

There is no difference, its just how to control each one using only 1 relay
Ill try to draw out what i mean to help describe what im trying to describe and do.

Here is what im envisioning

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