programming to power on

Hi to all of you master minds....I am new in forum and new with making circuits controlled by
arduino boards.Yesterday i complete a project that involved with my job and i have a problem.
The circuit contains a led display and a rotary encoder with push button in order to program
some parametres.Now my problem is that when i turn on the power the circuit (not arduino)
does not goes on.i have to push the encoder in order to turn on.I think its easy to do it
with a add on in code but i don't know how.Any help will be appriciate.

Without any details about what you have like the code and a schematic I don't know how we could possibly tell you what's wrong or what you need to change.

here is the schematic and the code

ShiftLightV2_21.ino (48.4 KB)

If you are so happy with, why are you not using their forum?

Why are you not using arrays?

Why is
your code
so poorly

What output do you see on the Serial Monitor?