Programming Tutorial Needed =( (Urgent)

Hi there, I am currently undergoing a project connecting 3 Rainbowduino v2.0 together and planning to construct a 24x8 super bright RGB led. I used a UartSBEE to program and feed it into the Rainbowduino. I tried to search for some codes to start up with my project but is still currently stuck. =( Is there any tutorial or any guide that you can suggest to help me?

Yup, i did and followed it.. but it didn't work =(

sorry about that. Basically, I connect 3 rainbowduino together and intend to program it to light up together. I did followed the link that you have given me for the 2 rainbowduino connections and program but it didn't just couldn't work when i upload the neoled program. I have no idea what to do after that.

All three rainbowduino are connected when i followed the instructions on this following link, Only one rainbowduino work. I am currently new to all this and this is my first time doing this, sorry for causing so much inconvience.

Yes I did tried out each of them and it works. I used the Mxcontrol to test each individual and it works. Sorry about that.

Yup, i did followed the instructions given in the link. By updating the library and changing the codes. It still doesn't work with two of the units together, only one did. Units 2 and 3 doesn't light up at all. I have power connected along the data. Is it due to the power supply that is not big enough to light up the LEDs?