programming wirelessly with a router.


I don't know if im posting it in the right section,
But here's the plan:

What I've got is a router, which has wireless on it.
Now what I had in mind is that some how I program a arduino/atmega via this router.

Here I ask your advice, Where do I Start?

Of course I'll have to start with researche, But what research would be usefull?

any tips on how to go about this are apriciated


By "Wireless" I'm guessing you mean WiFi. To program the Arduino you need something that looks like a serial port on the host computer and something that provides TTL (5v) Serial on the Arduino side. Some modules (such as provide only serial data and not the Data Terminal Ready signal used to force a remote reset so it won't work for programming. This module looks like it might work: Serial Embedded Modules - Industrial Serial Device Servers | Moxa

Thank you for your reply :slight_smile:

The plan is to take apart the router, and use it in a way that I could use the Wifi to program a arduino/atmega chip.

Since I want to do it Homebrew, and not spend money on a easy to use module, It's kind my way learning things :slight_smile:

so you got this "Com port" on the computer side, can I just go excpect to see the data stream out of the ethernet/network conector ?

Pulling the signal down or up shouldn't be to hard with a Transistor circuit and a voltage regulator :slight_smile: