Programming with Arduino Uno, photocell and servo

Hey everyone!

I have a school project and I need to create a code with Arduino Uno, a servo, breadboard and a photocell. Basically when there is something in front of the photocell blocking light, the servo stops working. But otherwise, the servo keeps turning. I looked but couldn't find anything that looks like it. I am really bad at programming I can't do it by myself... If there is a code like this that already exists or if someone knows what the code would be I could really use the help!!

I would also need help to build the circuit...

Thanks a lot :)

The usual way things work here is that you do some research and at least try to come up with the circuit and code. Then you post what you tried and tell us what it does and/or doesn't do and we assist you in getting it working. What you describe is not at all difficult. There are lots of examples for interfacing servos and photocells if you search. Try searching for 'arduino photocell' or 'arduino servo'.