Programming with bt module

Hi everyone, I have a bluetooth module and I wanna to program arduino with bluetooth module through android tablet. It's important for me, because I will go out for a week and I won't take computer. Does anyone know, how to do it? Thx for any help :slight_smile:
P. S. I have Arduino Uno and Mega

why do you need to use bluetooth.. Most tablets have On The Go, even if they don't say they have OTG.

Get yourself a generic OTC cable and try using that to connect to the UNO it will be far simpler.

If your tablet definately doesnt have OTG...

You'd need to check whether your Android Arduino IDE supports Bluetooth to send data.

If it does, you'd also need to heavily modify your Arduino. because you'd need to connect the Bluetooth module to D0 and D1 on the Uno and AFIK, to take the ATMeg328p out and bend the pins so that they didnt go into the socket and solder the bluetooth module onto the appropriate pins.

Also you'd need to manually reset the board at the correct time during the upload process

I don't want to take computer, when I go out for a week, but I wanna to program arduino through bluetooth module using android tablet. So I ask is it possible to program through bluetooth using android. Please help !!!! Thx :slight_smile:

What Arduino IDE for Android are you using ?

AFIK ArdionoDroid doesn't say it supports BlueTooth

Are you using an IDE that says it has bluetooth support ?

ArduinoDroid - Arduino IDE works via an OTC (USB Host) cable.

I am watching to apps to control the arduino at the momment :roll_eyes:

I have arduinodroid, but I can't compile with it.