Programming with tiny AVR programmer

I have got this tiny AVR programmer :

I have an atmega328p on some pcb, which is not bootloaded .
I would like to program it with a software i wrote with the arduino IDE .

I am using a mac .

I am not sure where to begin, expect that i know i have to hookup the SPI pins from the programmer to my chip , but than -with what program should i use in my mac in order to program it ?

Thanks a lot.

The Arduino ide, connect programmer, select appropriate board def (note if not using a crystal, none of the board defs that come with the ide are right for that), and choose burn bootloader from tools menu.

I dont think i can use the arduino IDE for that …

This is an AVR programmer , that programs using ISP , i think i need to get the hex file out of arduino IDE, than using terminal to program the chip , am i wrong ?

I have tried that :

  1. there is no usb that the arduino IDE recognize (it does recognise the Uno but not the tiny AVR from the link).
  2. i get of course the "programmer not responding " message .

I have read that you cant use the arduino IDE for that , but needs an avrdude and terminal ??

I am not sure i get what is going on here.