Programming with XBee Shield

I have managed to get xctu working and successfully programmed the radios
I have one radio on a XBee Explorer USB and the other on on a Xbee Shield mounted on a Arduino Duemilanove board
I have previously programmed the AVR using a USB connection so I know that works
Now I am trying with the XBee Shield installed and the USB removed
The the Arduino will transit to the PC but I can not program the Arduino
I programmed the Xbees with 'ATID3330,DH0,DL1,MY0,BD6,WR,CN,' and 'ATID3330,DH0,DL0,MY1,BD6,WR,CN,'
Any more suggestions


What series Xbee are you using. Series 1 or 2?

What series Xbee are you using. Series 1 or 2?

I think from your question you are trying to program your arduino wirelessly? If so here is a tutorial on doing that from sparkfun, however you will need to put a different bootloader on the atmega chip. I know I have seen some more tutorials on the web that don't require a bootloader change, but can't remember where.

I'm trying to same thing. It appears to be somewhat of a complicated issue. Looking over the schematics, it does appear that the Xbee Shield can pull the reset pin on the Arduino low, so that's good. I think either LadyAda's instructions or Rob Faludi's instructions should be followed (sorry, first post can have URLs :frowning: ). Let me know what you find out.

Here's LadyAda's instructions: Xbee Adapter - wireless Arduino programming

Here's Rob Faluid's : XBee Programming Arduino Wirelessly

I thought there would be more interest in this
Plug in a shield and do wireless programming
The articles I have seen are about creating hardware circuits
My bad