so i am trying to program a arduino to turn a small servo and i typed in this code and it keeps saying

"exit status 1 "

expected initializer before "void"

and it highlights the void loop line can i get any help on solving the code. thanks in advance.

#include <Servo.h>

Servo myservo

void setup() { myservo.attach(9)}

void loop(){ myservo.writeMicroseconds (1500):
delay (1000):

myservo.writeMicroseconds (1000):
delay (1000):

myservo.writeMicroseconds (1000):
delay (1000):}


You need to learn to code.

You have missed some semicolons and some of your colons should be semicolons.

If this is not a direct cut and paste, please do that so we can know just where your errors are.


Change all : to ;

And add one after Servo myservo

When I see a poster here tripping up on basic C++ syntax, I usually recommend that they google "C++ tutorial" and do the first few chapters of a C++ tutorial, stopiing once the tutorial starts getting into classes. There are lots of them on the intertubes, and it's basic knowledge that you need in order to code C++.