Dose this addition have how to programming in it I am 69 year old and new at this i was not sure
which addition to download or where to go for the right download.
Regards Roger

  1. Download the code here to start (Windows)
    Save the .zip file, unzip it, and run arduino.exe when it finishes

I have it in the folder c:\arduino 1.8.5\

  1. Run the examples under File: Examples: 01.Basics and start learning the basics.

Most code can be set up like this:
(Use the </> button to get a code box like this in the forum)

// this is a comment line
// declare any variables, 
unsigned int analogValue; // a value from 0 to 65535
// assign names to pins.
byte  buttonPin = 2; // a switch connected  between pin 2 and Gnd

// then have a setup section that runs once
void setup(){
pinMode (buttonPin, INPUT_PULLUP); // turn on the internal pullup resistor
Serial.begin(9600); // turn on the serial interface so display stuff on the serial monitor
} // end of setup section

// then have a section that runs over and over until you press reset
void loop(){
  if (digitalRead(buttonPin) == LOW){ // was the button connecting the pin to Gnd pressed?
    analogValue = analogRead(A0); // read the voltage on pin A0, result will be 0 to 1023
    Serial.print ("A0 = "); // print a label
    Serial.println (analogValue); // and the value read
    delay(500); // waitn 500 mS, 1/2 second, so you don't have a flood of data coming out
  } // end of button reading
} // end of loop

Pressing CTRL-T, or Tools:Autoformat, will make the code more readable, and help you find mis-matched ( ) pairs or { } pairs.
Press the check-mark button, that will save your code and Compile the code and let you find any errors.
Press the right-arrow button to upload the code into your board.

How’s that for a start?
You can also select Help: and open/read topics there.

I believe rogerbrowne is asking about the Arduino Web Editor, since this is that forum section. However, I do prefer the standard IDE (which CrossRoads's instructions apply to).

There are some cases where the Arduino Web Editor is a good choice though. You can find a guide to getting started with the Arduino Web Editor here:

Ah, didn't scroll far up enough to notice the forum section.