Anybody out there to help me with a project that I want to take on, its a drag race system I want to build, I have all the goodies to do so but lack of know how to combine all the codes needed to get it fully functional system, Here's a write up on the system I have in mind.

drag christmas tree lights with timing and speed trap, there are 7 rows of lights beneath each other and 2 rows next to each other, one for left land and one for right lane

a) Pre-stage lights(white) which will activate with a pulse from a push button marked start,

b) Stage lights(white) will come on when the car's front wheel break the laser beam to the laser/LDR1 which send low signal to the arduino digital in, selector switch can be switch to select for 1 or 2 racers, if selected for 2 racers the the stage light of 1st racer staged will stay put(on) till 2nd racer staged as well,

c) then a count down will start after 2 seconds and activate 3rd (amber) 4th (amber) and 5th(amber) lights in sequence of 0.5 seconds apart then

d) Green light will come on(also start timing) 0.5 seconds after 3rd countdown amber light, if any driver jumps before the green light came on (sensed by a laser beam to LDR2 100mm away from laser/LDR1),

e) red light will light up for the at fault driver and not for driver that was not at fault,

f) reaction time will be measured between green light and and laser/LDR2 and display the reaction time on LED screen for 5 seconds. all above will be control by a Arduino Mega 2560 equipped with a lora HC-12 wireless RF unit communicate to Arduino nano, Mega 2560 equipped with 4 x MAX7219 chips for controlling custom build 2 row 4 x 7 segment high bright RED 10mw LED working on 12vdc which will be the 2 x LED screens for speed and timing display.

g) At the 400m mark a Arduino nano equipped with a lora HC-12 wireless RF unit communicating to the start line Arduino Mega 2560, a laser/LDR3 that will stop timing between green light from start line and laser/LDR3 and display calculated time in seconds on the 2 x LED screens for 6 seconds, h) Laser/LDR4 1.0 meter apart from laser/LDR3 will activate and work as a speed trap calculating speed in Km/H between laser/LDR3 and laser/LDR4 and display for 5 seconds on bottom of 2 x LED screens below time display,

2 x separate LED screens, one for left lane and one for right lane. screen for at fault driver will not display any time or speed, only display no (top line) run (bottom line) i) start button will clear all and activate pre-stage light for next race to start

if anybody interested in this please contact me via email

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