Progressively slower delay ws2812b

Good afternoon/morning to you all,
I have recently set up 113 leds, using ws2812b, ambilight and prismatk. Everthing works perfexctly! For about 5 min. After which there is an increasing in the delay between the screen and leds. Prismatic configuration set at 1ms, 112500 baud (last time I increased this I melted my power cable). Using the standard lightpack ambilight fast leds code. Any sugestions as to why the response time is fine for some time, and then progressiveley worsens. Ex. 1 hour playing a game, after 5 min there is a delay. After leaving game and setting lights off, another hour ish.

Maybe bad quality leds (Chinese) ?

This does not sound like the LEDs, more like a problem on the computer side of things.

Can you describe this "delay" a bit more detailed please?

Is the delay getting worse as the signal travels through your LED string, i.e. does the last LED in the daisy chain have more delay than the first?

Anyway, if the delay goes away for some time by resetting the host software then that's a strong hint that the problem is not in the hardware imo.

Is the power supply for the LEDs sufficient? Does something get too hot?