Progrmming Arduino UNO

We are planning to program UNO for the following features for a kids project. Please suggest steps and command/code to implement the same.

Items available

  1. Mortor pack for Arduino Level 1 Novice (From Radioshack)
  2. Arduini UNO
  3. Cardboard robot

Features we would like to add:

  1. Wave hand(s) of Robot on a specific interval
  2. Program to play a music
  3. Move forward couple of steps

Also, need suggestions to implement any cool feature with basic programming.

Appreciate for quick reply!


You're a little long on expectation and a little short on detail here I think.

Imagine I'm sitting here and I have no idea how much programming experience you have, or what your cardboard robot looks like, or how it works, or what types of other materials you have, or what you mean by play a music, nor how this robot moves, or anything else other than that you want someone to do your project for you. What kind of answer could I give?

RadioShack's motor pack for your Arduino projects contains:

6VDC toy motors (2)

Micro servo (1)
Std. servo (1)
Small stepper (1)

6VDC toy motors: 13000rpm ±14%
Servo voltage: 4.8~6VDC
Torque micro: 1.5kg/cm @ 4.8V; 1.8kg/cm @ 6.0V
Torque std.: 3.5kg/cm @ 4.8V; 4.8kg/cm @ 6.0V
Speed micro: 0.12/60° @ 4.8V; 0.10/60° @ 6.0V
Speed std.: 0.17/60° @ 4.8V; 0.14/60° @ 6.0V
Size: Micro 23x11.5x24mm; 8.6g
Std.: 38.6x18.8x34.9mm; 37g
Use angle (both): 160°
Stepper motor: Phases: 4; voltage 5VDC
Current: 40mA; resistance: 20 ohms
Step angle:5.625/64; reduction ratio: 1:64
No-load pullout frequency: 800Hz; no-load pull-in frequency: 500Hz; pull-in torque: 34.3 mN/m

You will need this Motor/Stepper/Servo Shield for Arduino to control the motors.

You can use the servo to Wave hand(s) like this