Project 01 Build the circuit - Genuino Starter Kit


Me and my Mum have been trying the Genuino starter kit. We have been having some trouble with project 01. We have tried the official arduino instructions, online tips and suggestions from friends. We are not sure if we are doing something wrong or our pieces are broken or faulty. It is very frustrating and we are asking for help. We are also wondering why the Pin 13 LED keeps flashing.

Attached are some pictures of our current setup.

Any help would be appreciated!!




Hi frankmerv,

Just remember, you gain strength through adversity, so persevere.

Have you already run some examples from the IDE? That is the place to actually start your Arduino trip. Look at the File > Examples > 01.Basics > Blink It makes the LED on pin 13 flash on and off. You should compile and run this program for practice when you first start. Then modify the file Blink.ino, to make the led flash differently. When you are good with loading and running Arduino sketches it's time to move on to building circuits.

The led is flashing when you first power up your Arduino because the Blink sketch is already present and running on brand new Arduino Uno boards.

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I had a look at the video for chapter 0.

This chapter is just to show you how a circuit works. Check that your LED is in the correct way around, if its in the wrong way it will not work, you will not have damaged it if it is. Because at this stage you have not programmed the UNO, it is running its default code put on it when it was tested, this is the LED blinking code you see.

Tom... :)

Thanks for both responses. Now time to get to work.