Project 03 Question

Hi, very new to Arduino and trying to get my feet wet with the samples.
I was able to get Project 03 Love Meter working fine as long as the board is connected to my computer, but as soon as I unhook it and plug in the battery the program doesn't work.

Is it designed to only work while connected via USB? I commented out the Serial. commands thinking that might help but it did not.

Do certain projects only work while connect to usb?


What battery, how connected to the Arduino?

Does the Blink sketch work with the battery?

Sorry for the delay. I had expected to get an email notification if someone replied.

I have a 9 volt connected to it using the adapter on the board. The blink sketch works, I also did the first 2 projects that work when not connected via USB.

I cannot see a reason why this project would not work without USB. Did you measure the operating voltage, when connected to your battery, or tried a fresh battery?

I have not. It couldn't hurt though. I assumed that since other projects worked this one would as well. I'll measure the voltage and try a new battery and see what that does.