Project 05: Potentiometer and Servo Motor Issues

As others have already posted in 2 separate topics I figured it would be best to join both currently known issues into 1 topic since they both emerge during Project 05.

Issue 1: The potentiometer is much larger than the illustration describes and takes up an entire breadboard column.
Fix: Use needle nose pliers to turn the legs of the potentiometer and also slide a jumper into the same slot and bridge it to the other half of the breadboard. This does work and will get you past any issues with potentiometer fitment.

Issue 2: Breaking off 3 pins to use with the 3 pin connector for the server motor results in a height mismatch where as the harness has to be physically held with a finger on the breadboard to make good contact to complete the circuit. I don’t know if this is a pin length issue with all the pins included in the kit or the fault of the servo motor plug.

Issue 3: The 3 wire server motor does not work. It has a slight hum or buzz as if it’s spinning internally but the servo does not work. I can confirm this and it has nothing to do with the code. The code works just fine as I can see values changing while using the potentiometer within the serial monitor. The servo motor is faulty or it’s not receiving enough power to work. If it’s not receiving enough power then something is wrong with the circuit layout in the starter book.

This project as outlined in the book is wrought with issues that you’ll stumble upon. Issue after issue with each project is somewhat frustrating as I believed I was purchasing a solid and polished project starter kit. I would have never imagined to run into so many issues so early. It’s causing me to consider not even trying some of the more advanced projects (of course I will anyway). The quality of the starter kit is reduced with every issue I come across. There are pages in the wrong place, lack of important information, illustration mismatches, low quality projects (what’s more frustrating than trying to put on those little color strips in the wooden bits), and now I’ve run into a project as you’ve laid it out where the servo motor doesn’t even work. These things pile up to make what I believed to be a high quality product be in reality; not so quality.

Issue 3: The 3 wire server motor does not work.

I'm sorry, but while your previous points were referring to recurring issues, this statement is definitely not true for everybody (at least not for me, since I carried out successfully that project a couple of months ago XD ) and, as I see searching in the forum, not even for the majority of people.
Please, post the schematic and the code, and the community, including myself, will try to help out, as always :slight_smile: