Project 07 Serial.println error message

Hey everyone, I am trying to access the Serial Monitor so that I can find out the different voltages that signalise different frequencies. Here is the code (copied from Projects book):

int notes = {262,294,330,349};
void setup() {
void loop() {
int keyVal = analogRead(A0);
Serial.println = (keyVal)


However, if I try to upload the arduino Uno (in order to access Serial Monitor), I get the error Message:

invalid use of member function 'size_t Print::println()' (did you forget the '()' ?)

Does anyone know what this means?
Thanks in advance, Daniel :slight_smile:

Serial.println = (keyVal) You didn’t copy that, I hope

Have another look at the original code, character-by-character

Ohhhh, sorry for wasting your time, the book says Serial.println(keyVal)
wow, I checked it like 5 times but now I finally noticed... That's true = would not make any sense.
Thank you anyway!

Not a waste of time at all.

The compiler rarely makes a mistake, so if it points out a problem, it’s most likely your problem.

It’s an unfortunate truth that a lot of programming is often a big game of spot-the-difference.

Ok, Thank you!