Project 1 - Get To Know Your Tools - First Interactive Circuit

Hi All,

New to Arduino. Can someone indicate why my setup might be incorrect? When I push the switch the led light doesn’t turn on.

capture.pdf (595 KB)

Two options:

1) Turn the switch through 90 degrees 2) Make sure that the led is the right way round too.

By the way, your pdf was 595kB. That is a large chunk (to me) of my bandwidth that I won't get back.

Hi Dannable,

Thanks for the response! I switched the led light around so that the anode (long leg) connected to the 5V and the cathode (short leg) connected to the GND, which worked. The picture in the book is deceiving and makes it look like it's the opposite way.

Sorry about that. I tried to get it smaller. It was 2000kb before.