Project 12 knock electromagnet lock

Hello there. I am absolutely new in these things and i am sorry in advance. So i find this - I need probably the same but i need after the right knock code is "entered" it should be connected with electromagnet lock witch should be open when the code is accepted.

So i have a question - do i need servo? Where should i connect the electromagnet lock and should i change the code?

I want to know it before i buy these things to know will can i do it by my own :)

Thanks in advance, the beer is from me :)

So to be clear here what you are trying to achieve.

  • A specific sequence of 'knocks' used as a code
  • Code correct, lock is to be opened
  • The locking mechanism consists of an electronic magnet that holds whatever need to be opened shut and should be released if the code is correct...?

Just not giving away all the clues here, try to find out: - how an electromagnetic lock works (ie, does it need power to lock or the opposite?) - where do you think, if it is needed, the servo does come into play? - what elements do you have in the end and do they show up in the code as on your link (ie, does the code needs changing?)