Project 12 Knocklock error (error: 'checkForKnock' was not declared in this scop


I just got a starter kit and trying some things

Today i tryed the project 12 Knocklock.

But when i wanne upload it to my arduino uno i get the following error.

error: ‘checkForKnock’ was not declared in this scope if(checkForKnock(knockVal) == true){ ^

I just take the sample file out off arduino studio. (see attachment)

Someone a idea?

p12_KnockLock.ino (3.87 KB)

Well I have loaded the code you have attached and it compiles without problem.

Thats very stranges

I keep getting problems Complete removed arduino studio and reinstalled. But still same problem.

Do you use arduino studio? And which version?

Nope, I use the IDE, v 1.0.4.


i gone try that one.

I have download Arduino IDE 1.6.7 and with that is works fine.

stranges but it works for me :-).

thanks a lot

I tried with Arduino Studio 0.0.5. It fails to generate prototypes for functions that return boolean (or apparently anything that isn't a plain integer type).