Project 2 - does the illustration in the book have diodes facing the wrong way?

I'm looking at the documentation for Project 2 in the project book, p. 34, and in the photo illustration the leds seem to have their long pins oriented towards the top of the breadboard. Elsewhere in the book, it says that these long pins - the anodes - need to be oriented towards power. But as I read the breadboard, it looks as though the long pins in the circuit are oriented towards ground, not towards power.

What's wrong here?

Could be my eyesight - I find the pictures too small to read easily.

Could be my understanding of the circuit. I'm just beginning here. Maybe the cathodes in the picture are actually towards power? To me, as I follow the connectivity from Voltage, it looks not to be the case though.

Can anyone with a copy of the book who knows how it's supposed to work offer advice on this?


Hello Muddygardener. Despite the number of post I’m new too.

As to your problem, look closely at the breadboard, What side is the + and - signs on the power strips. They are on opposite side on my board. See pic.