Project 2 Error Fixed!!

Hey guys! I have found a way for your code to work!!

Please follow these steps for it to work:

  1. Make sure your Driver is installed on your computer. (If it isnt, Install it!)
  2. Use this code: int switchState = 0; //configures the digital pins void setup(){ pinMode(3,OUTPUT); pinMode(4,OUTPUT); pinMode(5,OUTPUT); pinMode(2,INPUT); }

//Checks the voltageo of the digital input and chooses the pin for voltage ( pin 2 ) void loop(){ switchState = digitalRead(2);

if(switchState == LOW){ //Button is not pressed

digitalWrite(3,HIGH); //Green LED digitalWrite(4,LOW); //Red LED digitalWrite(5,LOW); //red LED }

else { //the button is pressed digitalWrite(3,LOW); digitalWrite(4,LOW); digitalWrite(5,HIGH);

delay(250); //wait for a quarter second //toggle the LEDs digitalWrite(4,HIGH); digitalWrite(5,LOW); delay(250); //wait for a quarter second } } //go back to the beginning of the loop

Boom! Your done!

Have fun with the Fixed code! Hope you followed the steps correctly! (I mean it..)


I am an Expert Coder

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