Project 4- No green

I was having problems getting the led to turn green. I could get a little transition to blue led but it was primarily red. I could not get it to turn green at all. I unplugged power to blue and red pins to make sure the green led worked and it did but with all three plugged in I couldn’t get a dominant green. Is this just how this works or have I done something incorrect? I want to move on to project 5 but I cannot mentally move on to the next project without knowing if I completed this project correctly.

You need to look at the values in the serial monitor you may find that green is getting lower values from photocell. Move wires 9,10 & 11 around i.e. make them trade places and see if green gets brighter using reds output etc.

I had the same issue today, so i changed the code to loop thru the colors one by one, and indeed, they all turn on correctly.