Project 4: No output from Photoresistors


I tried to get Project 4 running and did everything according to the book. Somehow the Photoresistors don't get an measurable output.

I noticed that when i bridge the 10kOHM resistors with my fingers the red and blue Photoresistors send a signal which is interpreted correctly.

I disassembled everything and just tested if all parts work by themselves, which is the case. Analog Readings work, digital Output Works, Photoresistors work, RGB LED works.. Resistors are not broken neither are the cables. But the system as a whole isn't running. :(

So I wondered if 10KOHM might be to much for the system to run, but I don't want to blow something.

Does anyone had the same experience and tried some lower Resistance?

ok.. One cable was broken and my fingers didn't bridged the resistor but the cable. Therefore my issue is resolved. :)